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The Fario label was created in 1998 by the staff of the French magazine Fear Drop.
The concept behind Fario is the meeting : collaborations between two artists.
Fario records show two halves created separately and a common track in the middle, a moment to share views or to oppose feelings. All tracks are previously unreleased.

Prices listed below are for France. Foreign customers, please get in touch.


fario CD11
cisfinitum / the [law-rah] collective
> [ANS]werk < split-CD


Russian one-man outfit Cisfinitum and Dutch duo The [Law-Rah] Collective are both dark ambient masters. They dedicated this split and common work to one of the very first synthesizers in the world, the ANS. The ANS, created by Russian engineer E. Murzin from 1937 to 1957, is an incredible response to the synesthesia theories (the letters ANS stand for Alexander Nikolayevich Scriabin who linked tones to colours). The ANS synthesizer (only one copy exists and is kept in Moscow) generates special frequencies from drawings (“it plays what you have drawn”) and in the opposite it can also create a visible image of a sound frequency. Artists such as Coil, Edward Artemiev (for Tarkovsky’s Solaris soundtrack) and Alfred Schnittke used the ANS in their compositions.
For this album, The [Law-Rah] Collective and Cisfinitum based their music on original sounds from the ANS as well as additional recordings of various analog synths, fractal and granular synthesis, voice, violin, field recordings.
They give birth to an intense cold and grey music upon which fly ghosts of melodies, archaic or yet to come…

Track listing :

1. the [law-rah] collective – broken gl[A]ss (9:12)

2. the [law-rah] collective – broke[N] mirrors (7:38)

3. the [law-rah] collective – broken dream[S] (9:08)

4. cisfinitum – tr[ANS] (22:52)

5. cisfinitum / the [law-rah] collective – [ANS]werk (7:02)

Prix: 11 euros port compris – commander

fario CD10

Nadja /
> magma to ice < split-CD


Talented Italian ambient composer Alessandro Tedeschi runs the Glacial Movements record label and plays music as Netherworld. His fascination for polar landscapes and soundscapes makes him close to industrial ambient pioneers such as Thomas Köner, Rapoon, Biosphere and Lull. Icy, windy, droning and deeply ‘protomelodic’ at once, his music is a poetic translation of the ice floe. For this record, he used processed fragments of classical music. Nadja is the drone / doom / ambient duo of Canadian musicians Aidan Baker and Leah Buckareff. Their behemoth of sound is a construction of heat, weight, loop and vapour. Here, they had to break Netherworld’s ice and find a way to the red core of Earth. The common track brings heat onto ice, which warms up, crackles and soon melts. As a conclusion, the long piece by Nadja is total heat. This is Nadja ‘unrhythmed’, which means pure lava.
This CD features exclusive graphic concepts and artwork by Alan McClelland (www.eyelyft.com).

Track listing :

1. Netherworld – Closing To A Winter Night – 8:59

2. Netherworld – Frozen Divinity – 7:17

3. Netherworld – Closing To A Glacial Dawn – 10:13

4. Nadja & Netherworld – Ice To Magma – 9:15

5. Nadja – Kriplyana (Melted & Refrozen Snow That Looks Blue In Early Morning) – 19:00

Prix : épuisé / sold out

fario CD09

thomas köner
> La barca <


German media artist Thomas Köner has been absent from the music scene for 5 years.
For his numerous audio-visual performances and installations, he has travelled the world and crossed many flows of sound. La barca, named from one of his latest performances, is a record of brand new pieces where we can hear the landmarks of the unchallenged master of arctic soundscapes: rumbling basses and drapes of melancholic harmonics. La barca is also a world-crossing drift where Thomas Köner adds the experience of the blurred sounds he collected all over the continents (each track has a longitude / latitude title which refers to a different town): voices and field recordings are integrated from place to place, mirroring and disappearing, born from a dream or a souvenir.

Prix : épuisé / sold out

fario CD08

troum /
christian renou
> dissolution < split-CD


Long time partners Christian Renou (ex-brume) and Troum (ex-Maeror Tri) were asked by Fario to join the split-CD collection and they both chose an expression of melancholy, a questioning about life / end of life.
For this record, Christian Renou (the man also known as Brume, French legend of industrial music) composed some of his most melodic and textural pieces, four tracks united under the name ” Himmelweg ” (way to heaven). Subtle drones and shiny metal chimes join and spread in stretched flashes of postindustrial waves. He also worked very nice percussions, from the background as well as from the foreground : roarings and shy attacks. The whole composition is a wonderful soundscape, autonomous as he is used to do.
After the two common pieces, ” dissolution ” 1 & 2 (composition by Troum using sounds provided by C. Renou), the German duo Troum use a ritualistic approach to dive to the core of the strong themes they link to dissolution : life, suffering, death – afterdeath ? All obscure and magmatic, their long piece IN-GALEIKON brings brown flashes from time to time, treated guitar drones exploring the resources of sadness in their most creative qualities. This ambivalence stands in the duo’s project for this record : expressing dissolution into light. Orange light (these waves of melancholic string vibrations) and dark soil (distant drumming for the end of a world) melt together in one magnificent piece which is much more than mere dark ambient : an abstract and eternal drama, the search for light.

Track listing :

1 – christian renou : himmelweg (le chemin du ciel) part 1

2 – christian renou : himmelweg (le chemin du ciel) part 2

3 – christian renou : himmelweg (le chemin du ciel) part 3

4 – christian renou : himmelweg (le chemin du ciel) part 4

5 – troum & christian renou : dissolution part 1

6 – troum & christian renou : dissolution part 2

7 – troum : IN-GALEIKON

Prix : épuisé / sold out

fario CD07

logo_vromb_blue /
> paradigma < split-CD


As they had planned to meet for a long time, Canadian artist Hugo Girard alias Vromb and German outfit Telepherique were more than happy to work on Paradigma, maybe to consider their own paradigms.

Vromb is a one man project which appeals to different electronic and industrial roots as well as imaginary landscapes of rusted and spinning rotors. Free from gravity, these strange rhythmic life forms born from disused factories and psycho scientists are like the perfect bunker soundtracks. Sometimes the bunkers change into rockets silos and Vromb feels then ready for a space program.

Telepherique is family affair. Led by Klaus, Danijela & Rene Jochim, Telepherique is a pot of powerful forces, magma and images, rhythms and voices, melancholy and energy. Their music is one of the best and most beautiful extensions of industrial music. Always moving, like a river, like air, it’s rich enough to become a complete cinema.

Track listing :

vromb : le prisonnier sidéral

vromb : 12 avril 1961

telepherique – vromb : paradigma-wechsel

telepherique – vromb : paradigma-effeckt

telepherique : abstrackte chiffres

telepherique : bizarries cubiques

Prix: 9 euros port compris – commander

fario CD06

rapoon /
désaccord majeur
> salmo salar < split-CD


Rapoon is the alias of Robin Storey, co-founder and former member (until 1991) of the seminal ambient / postindustrial band :Zoviet*France:. As we can hear from many :Z*F: and and Rapoon’s productions, Rob Storey shows a genuine approach to dreamy sounds, a magical touch which awakens remote rhythms made of stone, wood, rain, pebbles… (In the two long solo pieces he wrote and performed for this release, we can also hear (and live) glitch sounds, playing this ritual game). His air is full of forgotten pieces of melodies, orange drones and vegetal vibrations, gently stupefacient.

Since the eighties, French musician Désaccord Majeur has been creating strange sound entities, fragments of undiscovered worlds, mixing ethnic parts and instruments, natural sounds, wet loops and forgotten languages. His sound movies are like labyrinths, folding their ground and warming the fresh air. He recently added discreet dub basses and then made his landscapes even less definable, crossing many places without pointing any. Désaccord Majeur fashions the country of our dreams, from rocks to insects, from air to water, in a celestial movement.

Track listing :


1. Sonarius (13’47)

2. Espiritum (8’21)

rapoon / désaccord majeur

3. salmo salar (9’28)

désaccord majeur

4. l’ouglab (9’50)

5. l’ogre éthérique (5’58)

6. sunquake (11’12)

Prix : épuisé / sold out

fario CD05

francisco lópez /
steve roden
> le chemin du paradis < split-CD


Francisco López is a diver in the ocean of sounds. He has been exploring their different stages since the beginning of the eighties. First approached as abstract, López’ sonic universe is also to be seen and heard as a deep and sensitive experience of the noise of the world – that he calls ” belle confusion “. For his own track, López comments : ” it’s one of the quietest pieces I have ever done (…) really changing the perception of time “. Thus, he worked close to a frontier that must be considered as extreme as the opposite layers of pure noise.

Steve Roden also known as ” in be tween noise ” acts as a enlightener of the ” insignificant ” and ” forgotten ” objects which surround us. From them, he builds his music and poetry, so sensitive, so delicate and strangely made. A subtle link from a son concret to its musical counterpart. Not so many have achieved to become, as Steve Roden, the vessel of the intimate emotions.

Track listing :

francisco lópez & steve roden : le chemin du paradis

steve roden : slab / tilt (schindler house 4)

francisco lópez : untitled # 129

Prix : épuisé / sold out

fario CD04

lull /
origami arktika
> brook < split-CD


Lull is one of the first aliases – along with Scorn – chosen by Mick Harris after he left Napalm Death. Dedicated to the most ambient and subtle touches of his wide musical universe, Lull has often been a space of liquid moves and granular roamings.
For this long awaited release, he has worked the electroacoustic field, building crests in his droning soundscapes.

Origami Arktika are among the most delicate branches of the Norwegian multigroup Origami Republika.
The tracks featured in this release have been played and recorded by the new line-up of Origami Arktika, led by Tore H. Bøe, during a tour in Poland.
They show a polar canvas, melancholic and enlightened.

Track listing :


1 – that sound part 1

2 – that sound part 2

lull meets origami arktika

3 – brook trout

origami arktika

4 – kvaen

5 – gullseng

6 – solar

7 – kvist

Prix: épuisé / sold out

fario CD03

99 mg /
laurent pernice
> ligne latérale < split-CD


99 mg is an alias for Amaury Cambuzat of French / Italian band Ulan Bator. With 99 mg, Amaury explores intimate lo-fi spaces, using different moods each time (organ, guitar droning, raw loops…) like different toys in a child’s chest.

Laurent Pernice is a French musician / composer who released some records on labels such as Permis de Construire, PDCD, Odd Size, Organic… Ha has played in Nox and as worked with many musicians like C-Schulz, Marcus Schmickler, Palo Alto… On the Ligne latérale CD, he plays ethno moods mixed with minimal techno, close to Plastikman’s.

Track listing :

99 mg : 30011

99 mg : désinvolture

99 mg : 99 mg

99 mg : dada

99 mg : toyorganiccaso

99 mg : doz – 2

99 mg : fissile

99 mg vs laurent pernice : ligne latérale

laurent pernice : dimanche après-midi (intro)

laurent pernice : porca madonna

laurent pernice : mauvais oeil

laurent pernice : ha ha (rondo fiesta)

laurent pernice :tomorrow’s song

laurent pernice : tupi tatú

Prix: épuisé / sold out

fario CD02

mimetic kino /
> lucius < split-CD


Jerome Soudan – aka Mimetic- is well know for his work as a percussionist in the performing group Von Magnet. His solo works remain deeply influenced by his classical training, as well as his long time interest in industrial and electronic musics. The mix of these elements is somewhere between In Slaughter Natives and Some More Crime.

delphium is the musical expression of Jonathan Forde, the Aquese (Lull, Contrastate, Big City Orchestra…) label-manager. delphium (always in lower cases !) sets deep melancholy and melodic moods, a combination of echoes, drones, basses, rhythms, electronics… In Lucius, delphium presents some of his darkest pieces.

Track listing :

delphium : against the world

delphium : ambient bastard

delphium : [another ] dark plate

delphium : one final act of fucking resentment

mimetic delphium : esox lucius

mimetic kino : east

mimetic kino : south

mimetic kino : west

mimetic kino : north

Prix: épuisé / sold out

fario CD01

fragile /
> macrostigma < split-CD


Neuf morceaux – dub industriel et paysages électroniques – par Fragile (Hervé Thomas de Hint) et Dither (Marc T. de Dirge).

Track listing :

dither : laps (dth 14)

dither : fraction (dth 06)

dither : trig the… (dth 13)

dither : nimalisme (dth 16)

dither vs fragile : macrostigma

fragile : the valley

fragile : the river

fragile : the labyrinth

fragile : the source

Prix: épuisé / sold out